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Start drinking Asian green tea

Are you addicted to black tea? But at the same time are you worried about the harmful effects it can have? Then switch on to green tea. It is assumed to be the best possible form of tea and has a lot of benefits. Green tea is majorly consumed in the Asian continent slowly getting importance in other continents too.

Where is Asian green tea produced?

The term

Asian green tea

speaks for itself, that it is produced in the Asian continent. Some people put forward a myth which says that Asian green tea was accidently discovered by some Asian emperor thousands of years back. It is very much used in Japan and China and now has started gaining popularity in India and the rest of the world too. It is produced from Camellia Sinensis- the same plant from which the traditional

black tea

is produced. The leaves are a little baked, heated and the rolled to prepare quality Asian green tea.

Is Asian green tea harmful or beneficial?

Many studies have proved that Asian green tea actually has a lot of


and very negligible harmful effects. It is used by the branch of Asian medicine for treating headaches, immunity enhancement and digestion. Let us have a look at some proven benefits of drinking Asian green tea.

•    Helps in losing weight: it is believed that Asian green tea extracts helps you reduce fat digestion because they inhibit certain enzymes. Experts have put forth a view that if Asian green tea is combined with other food supplements or weight losing methods, it will be a great addition to your diet.

•    Helps combating with cancer: studies have shown that the ‘polyphenols’ found in Asian green tea are able to block the formation of the cancer causing cells, and majorly prevent the cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. Research has shown that those who drink green tea have a very low chance of getting affected by esophageal cancer.

•    Helps in purifying body: Asian green tea contains polyphenols. These are powerful antioxidants. It contains vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the body.

•    Many researchers have found out that

Asian green tea helps enhance the immunity of your body

and in recent years, it has helped in reducing the danger of heart diseases or strokes.

Forms of Asian green tea:

Asian green tea is available in two to three forms:

1.    Tea bags that contain the rolled leaves or its extract

2.    Drops that have the extract of Asian green tea

3.    Rolled leaves that can be directly brewed with water

Another form of consumption of green tea these days is eating ‘Asian green tea ice-cream’. It is not very popular but the green tea liquid is used in preparing this ice-cream. It does not prove to be as beneficial as the other forms but does not harm you either.

Even if you aren’t a chain smoker or aren’t overweight, consider drinking Asian green tea as it is a very good form of tea with almost no side effects. If it is the pure organic Asian green tea that you are drinking, then it is surely a very good and healthy habit. So start drinking Asian green today.